About Us

At Unclaimed Money, we know that finding your unclaimed money does not have to be difficult.  In fact, the process is relatively easy, whether you are searching for your own unclaimed money or searching on behalf of someone else.  However, it can be both tedious and time consuming.  That is why we operate an independent website that uses state and federal resources to help streamline the process of finding the money you are owed.

At Unclaimed Money, our goal is to simplify the money finding process for you, making it easier and less time consuming for you to find your unclaimed money.  We do this by consolidating information about various state databases in this central site, allowing you to search multiple sites or a single state database at a time.

We also know that the money finding process can be intimidating for some people.  By providing in-depth guides that take you step-by-step, we take away the unknown, making people more confident in their unclaimed money searches.  We also take you through all of the steps that you need to look for unclaimed money, helping you make sure that you do not miss any of them.

What we want to do is to provide an alternative to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) website, while providing the same high quality content and links as the Missing Money website as well as links to federal databases, pension websites, and life insurance websites that you might not be able to find on that site.

Since we are not a finder service, one of the questions that we get is: why do we do what we do?  Well, the answer to that question is simple.  We believe that you should be the one in control of your money, and we are determined to help you locate it and claim it.