How It Works

Our Website

One our website, we provide in-depth guides to show you how to find money you are owed, file for the money, and track the payment until it arrives.  We let you know what type of documentation you may be asked to provide, provide overviews of state unclaimed property laws, and explain the process in those states.  Once you finish reading our overviews, you will be prepared to go on to the state websites, search for your property, and make claims for that property.

State Websites

While there is some variation in the state websites, they all work in a similar manner.  Generally, you will be able to enter in your first and last name and search for property that matches your name.  As you might imagine, there will probably be results for property that does not belong to you.  In most states, you will either be able to look at the record to find out more information or you will be able to enter information, such as your prior addresses, to see if the property is linked to you.  However, some state privacy laws do not allow for the release of additional information and all that you will see is the name of the owner.

When you have located property that you believe to be yours, almost all of the state websites will give you the opportunity to file an online claim for that property.  Most of them will let you know what type of identification and proof of ownership that you need to file at that time.  You will almost always have to provide proof of your identification in the form of a government-issued identification.  You may also need to provide proof of prior address.  If you are claiming on behalf of another person, you may be asked to provide additional information.